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buffet breakfast brisbane
By SN Hotels

Best Breakfast in Brisbane CBD

New Breakfast Offering at Lennon’s Restaurant


With the latest trends of #superfood acai bowls laced with coconut yoghurt, goji berries and cacao nibs, we know that people are loving the multi-layered facets of breakfast time (or lunch … or let’s be honest – a good dose of this is perfect for the 3 pm energy dip!).

So our very own Lennon’s Restaurant has revised and revamped it’s own breakfast offerings .. yep, one of the BEST breakfast’s (this is not your usual buffet breakfast) in the Brisbane CBD, with it’s very own take on a DIY breakfast with an array of stations for you to peruse. Don’t like nuts? Don’t like dried fruit? The selection is all there waiting for you to personalise your own cereal selection!

Check out what’s on the menu at our breakfast bar daily at Lennon’s.

As well as the continental offering of cereals, fruits and other delicious morsels, we will be offering a hot plate option which will be updated weekly. The hot plate will be a selection that will include a vegetarian option OR meat option OR avocado OR a sweet tooth option.

Really YUM! So if you’re super hungry (or perhaps it’s just time to have a good ol’ nosh up on the weekend) you can have both the Continental option PLUS order a hot dish to go with – for only an extra $10!

As well as these new offerings, there will be a Mediterranean station (did someone say Bruschetta for Brekkie?!) plus a selection of freshly baked breads, danishes and croissants (the naughty corner). And of course, for the coffee lovers an Espresso station to go with.

So, do whatever you need to do to get over here before 10 am weekdays (or 10.30 am weekends) and enjoy the delights of our new breakfast offering at NEXT Hotel. The perfect start to any day.

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